HITTAT PÅ NÄTET: Kaliforniens sammanbrott och den kommande nyfeodalismen

I en kolumn (11/2 2021) på den brittiska opinions- och nyhetssajten UnHerd skriver akademikern och författaren Joel Kotkin, som själv är bosatt i södra Kalifornien, om tillståndet i delstaten. Han för författare till boken The Coming of Neo-Feudalism: A Warning to the Global Middle Class, som kom ut förra året.

Kalifornien, menar Joel Kotkin i sin kolumn, som en gång sågs som ett progressivt paradis, är nu på väg mot en ny form av feodalism:

…President Biden recently suggested that he wants to “make America California again”. Yet before leaping on this particular train, he should consider whether the California model may be better seen as a cautionary tale than a roadmap to a better future in the digital age.

The on-the-ground reality — as opposed to that portrayed in the media or popular culture — is more Dickensian than utopian. Rather than the state where dreams are made, in reality California increasingly presents the prototype of a new feudalism fused oddly with a supposedly progressive model in which inequality is growing, not falling.


California now suffers the highest cost-adjusted poverty rate in the country, and the widest gap between middle and upper-middle income earners. It also has one of the nation’s highest Gini ratios, which measures the inequality of wealth distribution from the richest to poorest residents — and the disparity is growing. Incredibly, California’s level of inequality is greater than that of neighbouring Mexico, and closer to Central American countries like Guatemala and Honduras than developed nations like Canada and Norway.

Läs kolumnen ”The collapse of California” på sajten UnHerd (11/2 2021)