HITTAT PÅ NÄTET: Antirasister som inte vill sörja Sean Connery

På sociala medier hyllas den brittiske skådespelaren Sean Connery som dog under natten till allhelgonafesten den 31 oktober. Han föddes 1930 i Edinburgh i Skottland och blev 90 år gammal. Men vissa vill, på grund av hans vita hudfärg, varken sörja eller hylla Sean Connery.

En antirasist skriver att han inte bryr sig tillräckligt mycket om vita kulturikoner för att sörja för dem när de går bort:

I don’t care enough about white cultural icons to mourn for them. Until I see white folk in pure agony over the Tamir Rice’s of the world I find it difficult to feel anything towards them but indifference. Their deaths are inconsequential to me. Rest in…. apathy Sean Connery.

En antirasist skriver att det är ”uppenbart” att Sean Connery var rasist:

RIP Sir Sean Connery…..the definitive James Bond (even though the character he played glorified violence, was a sex pest, drank too much, didn’t observe the speed limit and was obviously racist).

Sexist/ slightly racist Sean Connery past away…man I’m getting old

so we’re all supposed to act like sean connery wasn’t an abusive racist piece of trash because he died and now people are praising him?

goodbye woman-beating, sexist and racist Sean Connery

Now that Sean Connery has died, I dont see any white women/men bringing up the fact that he was an admitted woman beater, like they lied on Kobe, who was innocent of his accusations. White supremacy is white ppl getting together to slander dead black ppl to ruin their legacies.

Here’s hoping all the straight white men upset about Sean Connery passing will have something else to be upset about in a few days.

I don’t care that John Wayne said something racist or that Sean Connery said something sexist because they’re both dead now. I care about dismantling and destroying a white supremacist system that allows them to win and then talk that kind of shit.