HITTAT PÅ NÄTET: Coronakrisen gör att vänsterns kränkthetskultur förlorar inflytande

I en artikel på den amerikanska sajten Intellectual Takeout menar debattören Jeff Minick att coronakrisen lett till att vänsterns kränkthetskultur har förlorat inflytande. Kränkthetskulturens företrädare kallas ofta ”rättvisekrigare” (engelska social justice warriors eller sjws).

Krisen har gjort att debatten kommit att handla om mer väsentliga saker:

”During 2019 BC (Before Coronavirus), every morning brought at least one or two headlines of some person or group newly offended in the culture wars. Some sportscaster would make an innocuous comment, be labeled a misogynist, and find himself packing his bags. A speaker would arrive at a college campus where an angry mob would shout her down as a racist and drive her from the stage. Parents protesting a sex education program promoting masturbation for elementary school students were attacked as homophobes.”

Rättvisekrigarnas reträtt kan dock vara tillfällig, varnar Minick:

”When this virus is quelled – and it will be – we can expect the social justice warriors to rise up, raise their banners, and again demand that we ‘radically alter our lives and societies on the basis of claims that our instincts all tell us cannot possibly be true.’

Will we continue to go meekly along with claims such as ‘America is the most racist country in the world’ or ‘A man can be a woman?’ Or will we find the courage to tell the crazies to take a hike?”

Läs mer på sajten Intellectual Takeout: ”COVID-19 and the Disappearance of SJWs” (24/3 2020)