HITTAT PÅ NÄTET: Svenskarna går mot flockimmunitet

Läkaren Sebastian Rushworth är verksam i Stockholm. Han presenterar sig så här på Twitter:

”I am a physician practicing in Stockholm, Sweden. My primary interests are evidence based medicine, medical history, and medical ethics”.

Sebastian Rushworth kommenterar ofta coronakrisen.

I ett inlägg på sin blogg (25/1 2021) publicerar Rushworth ett diagram som han menar visar att svenskarna är på väg att utveckla flockimmunitet:

In the last few weeks the number of people being treated for covid in hospitals in Sweden has been dropping rapidly, as has the share of PCR-tests that are coming back positive. There is much discussion in the media about what the cause might be. Everyone seems to be very surprised. Is it because people are better at working from home? Or because people aren’t traveling as much? Or because more people are wearing face masks?

No-one is discussing the obvious explanation – that so many people have now had covid, and have developed immunity, that the virus is having difficulty finding new hosts. In other words, Sweden’s oddly controversial “herd immunity” strategy worked.