HITTAT PÅ NÄTET: Farlig variant av covid-19 sprids i Brasilien

Forskare oroas av en ny farlig variant av covid-19 som sprids snabbt i Brasilien. I en artikel på amerikanska National Public Radio (NPR) uttalar sig flera forskare om virusets utveckling:

New coronavirus variants seem to be cropping up everywhere. There’s one from the U.K., which is more contagious and already circulating in the United States. There’s one from South Africa, which is forcing Moderna and Pfizer to reformulate their COVID-19 vaccines and create ”booster” shots, just to make sure the vaccines maintain their efficacies.

But for some scientists, the most worrying variant might be the newest one. A variant called P.1, which emerged in early December in Manaus, Brazil, and by mid-January had already caused a massive resurgence in cases across the city of 2 million people.

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