HITTAT PÅ NÄTET: Dokumentärfilm försvarar Donald Trump – Twitter stänger av kontot

Dokumentärfilmen The Plot Against the President skildrar Demokraternas försök att störta president Donald Trump genom att rikta falska anklagelser mot honom om att konspirera med ryssarna (collusion).

Affären, som kom att kallas ”Russiagate”, var i själva verket, vill dokumentären visa, en demokratisk konspiration mot presidenten.

I torsdags stängde Twitter av dokumentärfilmens konto. Filmens regissör Amanda Milius uppgav:

Twitter suspended our account indefinitely for no reason. They have also suspended the accounts of several of our crew, many who don’t even tweet. What’s more, they have allowed an imposter account to remain active and they refuse to verify us.

Twitter needs to tell us and the rest of America why they are censoring us. Our film is thoroughly researched; it is backed by independent sources and congressional testimony. Is Twitter trying to silence us because they can’t stand that a documentary exposing Russiagate as a giant hoax is the number 1 documentary in America?

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