HITTAT PÅ NÄTET: Nigel Farage – coronaviruset är Kinas fel

I en krönika i tidningen Newsweek (18/3) skriver den brittiske Brexit-ledaren Nigel Farage att coronaviruset är Kinas fel. Det är inte rasistiskt, menar han, att liksom Donald Trump, kalla COVID-19 för det kinesiska viruset.

”The West appears to be facing its worst crisis since 1939 because of a new global pandemic. Thousands of people have died. More, we are told, will die. And the economic shock to the system has been profound. Yet one country, China, seems to be above criticism. As China begins to expel American journalists, I am left wondering: who are the villains of this piece?”

Flera virus har kommit från Kina, vilket kan bero på kinesernas köttmarknader och matvanor:

”Experts have warned of appalling hygiene conditions in Chinese wildlife markets for years, with living, dead or dying creatures as diverse as bats, pangolins and other are held in close proximity, their body fluids and all the bacteria, viruses and parasites they carry mixing and mutating in direct contact with human shoppers.”

Det är dags att västvärlden omprövar sin relation till Kina, menar Farage:

”Isn’t it time we in the West had a grown-up conversation about China, beginning with the truth that several layers of the regime—from sanitary inspectors to secret police— are responsible for this nightmare? Isn’t this the moment when we need to remind ourselves that China is a deeply unpleasant communist dictatorship, a surveillance society that executes thousands of its own people every year? We all need to examine our attitude to the Beijing regime. For too long, no global leader dared to say a word against it, much less adopt a remotely conditional approach to engaging with the regime. The priorities of globalization have been deemed far too important for human rights to even be considered. This is plain wrong.”

Läs hela krönikan på Newsweek: ”The Virus is Yet Another Reason to Rethink the West’s Relationship With China” (18/3)