HITTAT PÅ NÄTET: Peter Hitchens – En mörk tid för Storbritannien

I en krönika i den brittiska tidningen Mail Online (26/4 2020) skriver Peter Hitchens att corona-nedstängningen har skadat – och kommer att fortsätta skada – det brittiska samhället: ”Don’t be fooled by the sunshine – there are only dark days ahead”.

Den brittiska regeringen, menar Hitchens, har agerat i fruktan:

”I won’t dwell yet again on the damage the Government has already done, and which deepens every day. I only say that without serious and angry opposition, this will only get worse. This clueless Cabinet is motivated only by fear.

People who strove all their lives for office now have no idea what to do with the powers they thought they wanted, and are terrified of the responsibilities that came with them. They do not understand what they are doing and are not in charge of their own destiny.”

Hitchens tror att allt fler medborgare kommer att få nog och börja trotsa nedstängningen:

”For, if something does not give soon, I very much fear that millions will simply cease to obey rules which no longer make sense.”

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