HITTAT PÅ NÄTET: Hur vänstern kapade medborgarrättsrörelsen

I Wall Street Journal (15/1 2021) skriver Robert L. Woodson Sr. och Joshua Mitchell om hur vänstern kapade medborgarrättsrörelsen i USA och håller tillbaka afroamerikanernas utveckling:

Tellingly, leftist elites teach their own children the values of working and studying hard even as they encourage behavior among blacks that will make sure they remain uncompetitive but “authentic.”
By the time young blacks today discover, as did the slaves of Douglass’s time, that freedom understood as “do whatever you feel like” is no way to build a worthwhile life, it will be too late. The fruits of the civil-rights movement’s hard labor—teaching the young to be so self-disciplined that they were able to resist responding in kind to hatred and abuse from whites—will have been lost.

We must turn away from the present course, which preaches despair rather than hope. Black achievement must be glorified. The crucifixion of black America by the radical left must halt. There is a grander, more fruitful future for us all.

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